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Lakeland in Action

Projects aimed at keeping up our community standards!

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Keep Lakeland Beautiful

Special thanks goes out to Keep Lakeland Beautiful Advisory Board members for giving City Hall a fresh look by planting lots of greenery and color in the five new urn planters in front of building.

Board members, Aimee Felker, chair; Sherrye Willis, treasurer, Alison Ely, Kendall Major, and Sherri Gallick, BOC Liaison, are dedicated to sustaining a vibrant clean community.

Your hard work and dedication is being notice throughout the City. Great job!!!!!

Copy/Collage by Kim Odom


Free Firewood
Lakeland's Public Works Department clears trees that have fallen on the road, etc. When available, residents may pick-up free firewood by contacting the Public Works Supervisor, here.

Stonecrest Circle & Woodbridge Paving Projects...completed!



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