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Starting a Business in Lakeland, Tennessee

In order to obtain a business tax license, the business owner will need to fill out a business tax application. The application can be found here or by visiting City Hall at 10001 Hy 70 Lakeland, TN 38002. If the business is applying as a sole proprietor or a single member LLC, please be prepared to provide a copy of your driver's license. Once the application is received, a $15 fee will be collected and the application will be processed. Please note: before the application can be processed, the business owner is required to obtain a Shelby County business tax license and provide a copy at the time of application processing. 

Renewal Information: Lakeland Business Tax License

The license will automatically renew when all applicable IRS and State taxes are filed and paid for standard business tax licenses only. Please note: if your business tax license is classified as a minimal license, there is an annual $15 renewal fee. The City of Lakeland can only renew a license when given the release from the State. If your account is not eligible for renewal, you must contact TNTAP for additional information and questions.

Additional information or clarification can be obtained from City Hall at 901-867-2717

Lakeland Occupancy Permit

Businesses locating in a commercial area of the city must obtain a City of Lakeland Certificate of Use and Occupancy which costs $50. While in-home businesses are not required to have a Certificate of Use & Occupancy, they are subject to strict regulations concerning the conduct of business activities in residential areas. In regard to Shelby County detailed information concerning requirements can be obtained from the Memphis and Shelby County Construction Code Enforcement Office at 901-385-5074.

State Business Tax License

State Business Tax License
General info on starting a business in Tennessee (PDF)
Tennessee Department of Revenue - Starting a New Business

State of Tennessee Sales Tax Registration

All prospective businesses should contact the Tennessee Department of Revenue, 5050 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38117, to determine the applicability of the sales and use tax regulations to the proposed business activity. If the business is responsible for collecting and reporting the sales tax, property registration forms will be provided upon request. For further information, call 901-543-6781.

Federal EIN Number Information and More

Federal EIN Number Information and More

Commercial, Door-to-Door Solicitation:

Please contact City Hall at 901-867-2717 for information on the permitting process for commercial, door-to-door solicitation.