Municipal Court

TKoratskyhe Lakeland Municipal Court’s mission is to provide access to a fair and impartial judicial system that is dedicated to administering justice with the utmost respect, integrity, and professionalism, all in an effective and efficient manner, while ensuring that public trust and confidence in the judicial system is upheld.

We are here to serve and assist you. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the City Court Clerk, Debra Murrell, by calling 901-867-2717 or sending an email.

Lakeland Municipal Judge Receives Educational Achievement Certificate: story here.

In November 2019, Mr. Kim Koratsky was named Lakeland Municipal Judge

Judge Koratsky was previously Deputy County Attorney/Chief Litigation Attorney for Shelby County. He also served as interim deputy and senior assistant county attorney. He was a partner in labor and employment with Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP and an associate with Jackson, Shields, Yeiser & Cantrell.

His law degree is from the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Illinois, Springfield.

Wellness Precautions

On June 8, 2023, the Tennessee Supreme Court ended its COVID-19 state of emergency, as well as the COVID-19 protocols for in-person proceedings. Based on this new order, the Lakeland Municipal Court will no longer enforce any specific COVID-19 protocols. Persons appearing before the court may, however, wear face covering during court proceedings if they wish to do so. If available, a mask will be provided to anyone who wishes to wear a mask but does not have one.

Please note that these protocols will be modified based upon any subsequent Orders of the Tennessee Supreme Court, or guidance by the Shelby County Health Department, so please follow any instructions you are given upon entry into City Hall on your court date.

Court Rules and Conduct

General court rules include:

  • No weapons are allowed.
  • Please dress appropriately and in a manner showing respect for the court.
  • All persons, bags, and packages are subject to search.
  • Do not stand or talk in the courtroom unless addressing the court or other court personnel.
  • Speak quietly in the lobby while court is in session.
  • All cell phones, pagers, radios or other electronic devices must be silenced.
  • No texting is allowed inside the courtroom.
  • No filming, video, or photographs unless authorized in advance by the judge.
  • Do not approach the judge’s bench without being summoned.

Remote Hearings

On June 8, 2023, the Tennessee Supreme Court filed an order amending Supreme Court Rule 55. This new order allows Tennessee courts to continue the use of technology to conduct court proceedings and other court business remotely. As such, the Lakeland Municipal Court may, at its discretion, hold virtual hearings as opposed to, or in addition to, in-person proceedings.

If you have any questions, please call the Court Clerk at (901) 867-2717.

Language Interpreters

Any defendant who believes they will need an interpreter in order to understand the court proceedings may contact the Court Clerk at (901) 867-2717 to request an interpreter. We ask that you contact the Clerk regarding an interpreter at least five days in advance of the date of your hearing. If you wait until you arrive for court to make the request, this may result in delay of your hearing or continuance of your case.

Intérpretes de Lenguas Orales

Todo acusado/demandado que crea que necesitará un intérprete para entender lo que sucede en su proceso judicial puede contactar al Secretario o Secretaria de la Corte al (901) 867-2717 para solicitar un intérprete. Le pedimos que contacte al Secretario o Secretaria para solicitar un intérprete con por lo menos cinco días de anticipación previos a la fecha de su audiencia. Si espera hasta llegar a la corte para hacer su solicitud, esto puede resultar en la demora de su audiencia o la postergación de su caso.


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