Bulk Waste Pickup

Looking to Dispose of Bulk Waste?

The City’s contracted waste hauler does not provide bulk waste pickup.

The City of Lakeland purchased a knuckle boom loader (boom truck) to provide bulk waste pickup for its residents available once weekly.

The boom truck will collect such items as furniture and large limbs, not exceeding 10 cubic yards, and appliances.

This service is at NO COST except fees will be assessed for specialty items such as appliances and waste that EXCEEDS ten cubic yards.

There is a $5 per cubic yard fee over the 10 cubic yard limit and a $25 fee for appliances (no markup on the $25 fee…this is the cost charged to the City). These fees will be collected prior to service.

Please stack yard waste materials separately from other goods to be chipped and recycled for other uses.


Curbside pickup of bulk waste can be scheduled by calling City Hall at 901-867-2717.

Collection Fees:

Trees/Construction Debris: 0 to 10 cubic yards FREE
Over 10 cubic yards $5/cubic yard

Appliances: $25/each


Bulk items should be placed in front of the residence separate from standard household waste collection receptacles and away from any obstructions including mailboxes, fire hydrants, utility poles, trees, etc.

Items should NOT be placed in the gutter or over any type of stormwater inlet.

Waste should be placed in separate piles per type: yard waste (trees/leaves/grass), metals, and construction debris/miscellaneous.

Trees and limbs should be no larger than 8 feet long and 24 inches in diameter. Limbs must be in neatly stacked piles. *Limbs MUST be in a pile by themselves - no lumber, no landscaping timbers* 

Contractor-related tree cutting/construction debris shall be removed and disposed of by the contractor, privately. The City of Lakeland will not collect waste generated from a contracted service.

Appliances containing refrigerants shall be decommissioned prior to collection. The City will not collect dirt, shingles, large amounts of concrete/brick, or hazardous materials (gasoline, paints, solvents, cleaners, pesticides, chlorine, batteries, e-waste, etc.). Hazardous waste may be disposed of at the Shelby County Household Hazardous Waste Facility located at 6305 Haley Road (Phone: 901-222-7729).