Land Development Regulations

The City of Lakeland Land Development Regulations consists of the Subdivision Regulations, Zoning Ordinance, and Tree Management Ordinance. There are some articles that contain portions of more than one of these within them.

They are distinguished as follows:

  1. The Subdivision Regulations are in red and blue text. They occur in Article’s I, II, and IV.
  2. The Zoning Ordinance is in red and black text. They occur in Articles I, II, III, and IV.
  3. The Tree Management Ordinance is in green text.

Article I: Administration (PDF)
Article II: Neighborhood Development Regulations (PDF)
Article III: Zoning Regulations (PDF)
Article IV: Appendix (PDF)
Conservation Priority Map (PDF)
Tree Management Ordinance (PDF)
...please continue reading this page for any amendments not included in the previous documents

Complete Land Development Regulations (PDF)
...Entire document - Articles I - IV and Tree Management Ordinance

Please note:

The following text amendments have been passed by the Board of Commissioners and must be taken into consideration when reading the Articles listed or the complete Land Development Regulations since these links DO NOT contain the edits. Whenever dealing with any city ordinance, it is always best to check for amendments.

Ordinance 14-214: Adding Provisions for Planned Development (PDF)
Ordinance 14-217: Wireless Transmission Towers (PDF)
Ordinance 15-228: Tree Bank Amendment (PDF)
Ordinance 16-231: Land Development Regulation Admin Edits (PDF)