Land Development Regulations

The City of Lakeland Land Development Regulations document is a unified development code, consisting of the Subdivision Regulations, Zoning Ordinance, and Tree Management Ordinance. The City's Subdivision Regulations establish standards for the orderly subdivision of land and implementation of public infrastructure such as streets and utilities. The Zoning Ordinance establishes standards for development, enabling the City to implement the vision set forth in the Comprehensive Plan. The Tree Management Ordinance establishes standards for the conservation, maintenance, and replacement of trees throughout the City. 

Land Development Regulations (PDF)

Note that the Subdivision Regulations appear in red and blue text. The Zoning Ordinance appears in red and black text. The Tree Management Ordinance appears in green text.

Lakeland's Land Development Regulations incorporate form-based elements into the site design process. Unlike a strictly conventional zoning code which focuses on separating land uses, a form-based code emphasizes relationships among buildings and between buildings and the public realm. Goals of form-based zoning include conservation of natural resources, walkable communities, and engaging, high-quality design. An overview of form-based zoning can be found here.

Additional Regulations

Certain site planning aspects, including signage and site lighting, are regulated in Lakeland's Municipal Code, separately from the Land Development Regulations. Before submitting any project for review, applicants should consult each of these sections of the Municipal Code.