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Demographic Statistics

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City of Lakeland demographics within 1 mile of City Hall:

Lakeland_1_Mile_Key Facts_.jpg

Demographics within 3 miles of City Hall:

Lakeland_3_Mile_Key Facts_.jpg

Demographics within 5 miles of City Hall:

Lakeland_5_Mile_Key Facts_.jpg

Lakeland_map.jpgLakeland Ranks among Top 10 Most Affordable Places to Live in Tennessee, according to a SmartAsset ranking

Lakeland made Wallet Hub's 2017 Best Places to Raise a Family in Tennessee list!

Full study here:

NLakeland in Top Three TN Cities for Young Families!
Lakeland, named #3, was one of only four communities to receive a perfect 10 from GreatSchools. Lakeland also earned a best risk rating of “most safe,” and its 15-year income growth rate of 69.8% was second-highest in the survey.

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