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Keep Lakeland Beautiful
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KLB logo.jpgIn the spring of 2014, “Keep Lakeland Beautiful” began the journey to become an affiliate of the Keep America Beautiful program and only the second in Shelby County.

This program supplements our beautification, recycling, and litter efforts. To be notified of upcoming KLB projects such as litter and beautification efforts throughout the City, please provide your contact info/email by calling 901-867-2717.

Info about Lakeland's KLB Advisory Board, here.

3_2_17TreeSaplings.jpgKeep Lakeland Beautiful:
Tree Saplings Giveaway
by Kim Odom, Grant Administrator

Keep Lakeland Beautiful Advisory Board members, Aimee Felker, Sherrye Willis, and City of Lakeland Planning Director, Tom Skehan, branched out to the community, Thursday, March 2, to giveaway a variety of tree saplings at City Hall.

The City of Lakeland recently received 380 trees from the State and the Tennessee Environment Council honoring them for being a “Tree City USA” for 11 years.

A variety of tree saplings were available, including the Easter Red Bud, Red Oak, Virginia Pine, American Plum and Yellow (Tulip) Poplar. Residents and friends of the community were more than happy to take a few trees to plant in their own yards.

Keep Lakeland Beautiful Recognized for standards of excellence by Keep America Beautiful!

KLB received the President's Circle Recognition Award for 2016 for good standing as a Keep America Beautiful Affiliate and completing all annual reporting requirements.

Keep Tennessee Beautiful Executive Director is Special Guest at KLB Meeting

KLB_Missy_Marshall.jpgKeep Lakeland Beautiful Board members gave a warm welcome to special guest, Missy Marshall, executive director of Keep Tennessee Beautiful at the Monday, July 25th, 2016, KLB Board meeting. Marshall shared the impact that Keep America Beautiful/KeepTnBeautiful has made across the state. She presented board members with a couple of gifts during her visit, including a Ready. Set. Grow! 5K T-shirt.

Marshall announced that Lakeland is one of the places being considered for a future Ready. Set. Grow! 5K event. Ready. Set. Grow! is a 5K event that brings awareness to KTnB and its mission to educate and motivate Tennesseans on litter prevention, the impact
of recycling, and beautification in their own community. The funds raised from the 5K go to the University of Memphis/KTnB Foundation for scholarships offered to students studying the environmental conservation field and to community environmental education grants. For more information about KTnB, visit

Pictured: Keep Lakeland Beautiful board members (front, from left) are Alison Ely, Kendall Major, Aimee Felker, Missy Marshall, KTnB executive director; (back, left): Sherri Gallick, (then) BOC liaison, and Jim Atkinson, city manager. Not pictured: KLB Board member Sherrye Willis.

KLB_collage_7.1.16.jpgSpecial Thanks...

Special thanks goes out to Keep Lakeland Beautiful Advisory Board members for giving City Hall a fresh look by planting lots of greenery and color in the five new urn planters in front of building.

Board members, Aimee Felker, chair; Sherrye Willis, treasurer, Alison Ely, Kendall Major, and Sherri Gallick, (then) BOC Liaison, are dedicated to sustaining a vibrant clean community.

Your hard work and dedication is being notice throughout the City. Great job!!!!!

Copy/Collage by Kim Odom

The "I Want To Be Recycled” Campaign

This website provides updated educational information about how to recycle often and recycle right.  

Recycling is one way to keep litter from ending up roadside or in our streams.

play_button.pngClick here for a PSA message about recycling beyond the kitchen, including personal care products in the bathroom. Here is another 30-second clip...


City Receives Official Certification of Keep Lakeland Beautiful Affiliation

KLB_event.jpgAbout the Event...

The city of Lakeland’s “Keep Lakeland Beautiful,” campaign was officially certified as an Affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc., Sept. 23th, during a luncheon/presentation ceremony hosted at Lakeland City Hall. Cecile Carson, senior director of affiliate development for Keep America Beautiful, made the presentation to Sherri Gallick, (then) Lakeland vice-mayor/commissioner, and interim executive director for Keep Lakeland Beautiful.

Caption: Cecile Carson; Jim Atkinson, Lakeland city manager; Sherri Gallick, (then) vice-mayor/Lakeland commissioner; Missy Marshall, Keep Tennessee Beautiful executive director.

Carson encouraged the city to reach out to civic clubs, businesses and other local organizations within the community in the effort to keep a beautiful community. “Don’t go it alone,” said Carson. “We are all working together in the same mission to engage individuals to take responsibility in their community and their environment.”

Missy Marshall, executive director, and Howard Cobbs, affiliate services and development, with Keep Tennessee Beautiful, were among those present in support of Lakeland campaign.

Jim Atkinson, Lakeland city manager, recognized Sherri Gallick, the city’s (then) vice mayor who helped create the “Keep Lakeland Beautiful,” campaign.

Gallick said, “The Keep Lakeland Beautiful mission promotes individual responsibility, ownership and pride in our city. Nobody throws money out of a car window, but people throw out litter.” She added, “Litter cost the taxpayers thousands every year. I am confident by adding focus on litter prevention and beautification we can enhance the quality of life, growth and economic development of Lakeland is a positive way.”

Gallick says the affiliation makes a statement about the community and about economic development. “Being part of this organization tells the business world that we care about the appearance and the sustainability of our community,” she adds. “We are invested in our community and we want to grow in the right direction.”

The certification offers community support tools and the chance to apply for exclusive grants, as well as opportunities for discounts with Keep America Beautiful partners, such as Lowe's. Lakeland is one of only two municipalities in Shelby County that are KAB affiliates.

To find out more on the Keep Lakeland Beautiful campaign, call 901-867-2717.

A quick way to give a ‘face-lift’ to several areas of the city is to control the litter problem.

Besides being an eyesore, litter hurts our economic development efforts – new businesses will hesitate to locate here if they believe that the litter problem could harm their reputation.

We can all do our part to help by (1) not littering, (2) picking up litter when you see it, and (3) finding ways to get involved in City-wide clean-up efforts such as the City's Adopt-a-Street program or Semi-Annual Clean Up Day.

Community Appearance Index Results (2014), here.

Keep Lakeland Beautiful Sets Sights on Cigarette Butt Litter butts_are_litter_.jpg

pocket tray.jpgLakeland is giving away free pocket ashtrays as well as ashtrays that fit in your car's drink holder.

Residents can visit City Hall to pick-up these free items.

Pocket ashtray shown to left (photo by Carolyn Bahm).

Did you know that cigarette butts are the most littered item in the U.S. and the world? But, littering cigarette butts is against the law in TN and many other states!

Cigarette butts are lightweight and can easily move through our storm drains into our waterways and water supplies. Water leaches toxins from cigarette litter, making it deadly to most aquatic life.

Litter and Stormwater Management information.

How it costs you: Cigarette butt waste cleanup is very costly to taxpayers from cleaning them up on the side of the road to removing them from our water supply. Here's a cigarette butts facts brochure.

Sherri Gallick, Nancy Koch.jpgSherri Gallick, (then) Lakeland Commissioner, and Nancy Koch giving away free pocket ashtrays and portable ashtrays at a City of Lakeland event (photo by Ken Glazer).


Others ways to control litter:

Bag your trash before putting into your trash bins

Adopt-A-Street Program

Lakeland has implemented a Adopt-A-Street Program to assist in cleaning up roadside litter. Please join us in our efforts to beautify Lakeland! You can get more information about the program by clicking here or call City Hall at 901-867-2717.

Clean Up Days
Twice a year, the City holds Community Clean Up Days. They are usually held the first week of November and the first week of May.

Bulk Waste Pickup details here.

Tennessee Litter Hotline here (scroll down to bottom of page).

Tree-City-USA.jpgAbout Our City's Trees:

About our Tree City Award, Arbor Day, and Tree Memorials:

This page can also be accessed via