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Water, Sewer, & Trash

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     Ensuring a Clean and Green     
               Community for 
       Lakeland, TN Residents!

The City of Lakeland prides itself in maintaining a seamless program for dealing with residents' water, sewer, and trash needs while keeping the environment pristine and preserved.

Help us keep our community and environment in the best shape by becoming familiar with the City's water, sewer, and trash program!

Rhonda_Fink.jpgQuestions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rhonda at City Hall by calling 901-867-5409 or via email.

Please notify City Hall if you are moving out of your home or if you have recently moved into a home so that billing records can be kept accurate and up-to-date.

Water, Gas & Electricity

Utilities are provided to the City of Lakeland by the Memphis Light, Gas and Water (MLGW)

MLGW 901-820-7878 (start, stop, transfer service)
For service requests & billing: 901-544-MLGW (901-544-6549)

There is one bill for gas, electric, water, sewer, and trash pickup.

Power outages, downed lines & gas leaks:
For power outages, please call MLGW at 901-544-6500.
Reminder: You cannot report outages via Twitter.
901-528-4465 is only for emergencies like downed lines and gas leaks.

Household Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste Services

Lakeland offers 3-N-1 services! Get more information about household trash, recycling, and yard waste services here

  • Collection Routes and Schedule, including holidays, here.
  • Sanitation (Garbage) Rates here.
  • Household Hazardous Waste here.
  • Lakeland contracts with Republic Services for the collection of all waste. Republic Services
    can be reached at 901-794-3800
     for any general information about your waste collection.
  • Get information about trash and recycling regulations here.

fall_leaves.jpgYard Waste...Including Leaves & Limbs

In addition to the carts, Republic will pick up unlimited bags of leaves (35 lbs. and under). Limbs must be 4 ft & under, in bundled piles of 35 lbs. or less. Any limbs or branches placed in the cart must be cut to under 6 feet. All the details are here. The "claw truck" is no longer in use. For more information, call 901-876-5409 or 901-867-2717.

Information on extra-large tree limbs or excessive yard waste can be found here.


Free Firewood
Lakeland's Public Works Department clears trees that have fallen on the road, etc. When available, residents may pick-up free firewood by contacting the Public Works Supervisor, here.

Bulky Items, Cardboard Boxes

Mattresses, Box Springs, Couches and Recliners: Republic charges $50 per piece, for removal.

Other items not described such as carpet, wood and furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) smaller than 4ft, weighing less than 35 lbs., will require a picture to provide an estimate for bulk piles. The pile should match the picture when Republic arrives to service. If there is more than what was pictured, Republic will not service until they can get an accurate estimate. It will be serviced on your regular service day only.

Free removal of up to 10 boxes, if broken down.

Medical Sharps Disposal
Click here for info on proper disposal of medical sharps.

Sewer Services

  • Get more information about the Sewer Services and Rates here.
  • Get more information about Storm Water in this flyer.
  • Get more information about FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) here (PDF) or this webpage.
  • FOR ANY SEWER EMERGENCY, PLEASE CALL 901-870-8594 (24 hours a day)


Irrigation.jpgIrrigation Meter Installation
Since Lakeland removed the cap on the sewer rate, some individuals with irrigation have had very high sewer bills. We recommend installation of an irrigation meter set through MLGW, which will not be assessed a sewer fee.

For Lakeland residents or businesses who want to have an irrigation meter installed: contact MLGW Builder Services Center at 901-729-8630. Select Option #2 to initiate a work request.

litter_image.gifLitter Control

Bag your trash before putting into your trash bins

Adopt-A-Street Program
Lakeland has implemented a Adopt-A-Street Program to assist in cleaning up roadside litter. Please join us in our efforts to beautify Lakeland! You can get more information about the program by clicking here or call City Hall at 901-867-5409 or 901-867-2717.

Clean Up Days, here.

Keep Lakeland Beautiful

Litter and Stormwater Management information.