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Household Trash, Recycling, and Yard Services
Lakeland believes in the importance of keeping a clean and green community. We offer 3 services (garbage, recycling, and yard waste) through one company, Republic Services.

For these services, a fee is added to your monthly utility bill from Memphis Light, Gas and Water.

Update to Republic Trash Services:
Information here, plus updated Collection Route/Schedule Map (PDF). Scroll down for info on tree limb removal, effective 7/14.
Update on Collection Days:
Fairway Meadows is an "A" week for recycling.

Recycling schedule postedhere. (scroll down to Recycling section for other info).
Trash and Recyclables Collection Rules and Regulations, here.

Please note:
All contractor and builder waste must be removed by the contractor.

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What are Acceptable Materials for Waste Collection?
The Do's and Don'ts of Garbage Disposal
What Can I Recycle?
What Should I NOT Recycle?
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Household Trash

Need New Service?
  • To request services, contact City Hall at 901-867-2717

  • On the scheduled trash day, ALL containers must be left on the curb by 7 AM. As of 7/14, Lakeland homes will be serviced by one-man, automatic vehicles, where the driver mechanically empties the cart without getting out of the truck. The trash cart lid must be closed and bags should not be placed on top of cart. The cart handle should face your house, not the street (arrows should face the street). Place your cart 4 feet from the curb and free of overhead obstructions such as wires and fixed objects such as mailboxes or hydrants.

Please NOTE: There is no need to separate household garbage from yard waste. They are collected by the same truck at the same time.

 garbagetruck clipart_thumb.jpg

What Are Acceptable Materials for Waste Collection?

Household garbage (trash) is defined as anything from waste cans inside your home and bagged trash that can be placed in the garbage container.
  • DO NOT put hot coals or ashes in your container.
  • DO NOT put construction materials, rocks, dirt, or concrete in your container. It will not be collected.
  • DO NOT put car batteries, paint, tires, large auto parts, and dead animals in your container. It will not be collected.
  • DO NOT put loose medical sharps in your regular trash cart. Click here for disposal info.   
  • YOU MAY put garbage in the yard waste container or yard waste in the garbage container. It all goes into the same truck at the same time.
  • Small appliances may be placed in your 95-gallon container OR left on the curb with regular trash.
  • Appliances or furniture larger than 75 pounds:
    • Call Republic Services at 901-794-3800 to arrange a special pick-up
    • Any appliances containing refrigerants (i.e. refrigerators, air conditioning systems) must be drained and tagged by a licensed technician in order for it to be picked up.
      • It is recommended that when purchasing such appliances, you make sure the seller dispose of the old item at the time of purchase.
  • For more information on what to do with Household Hazardous Waste, please click here.


The Do's and Don'ts of Waste Collection
 1. Please make sure all containers are placed on the curb appropriately for pick up.
            correct curb pic_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpg

New trash can in street_thumb_thumb.jpg

 2. Clear the curb of vehicles or any other items that can inhibit the crew from accessing the container and returning it safely.
            car not in front of trash_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpeg
 New car in front of can_thumb.jpg
 3. Please make sure the front of your garbage container is facing the street with the handle towards your property for collection (arrows facing the street). The top must be closed and do not put bags on top. This is important because an automated truck empties the carts.
            trash on curb correct_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpg
New overfull trash can_thumb.jpg
 4. Containers must be placed at least 4 feet away from obstructions such as mailboxes, water meters, trees, and shrubs.
mailbox do_thumb.jpg
 mailbox dont.jpg
 5. Please put all extra garbage into bags and place around the garbage container. In reference to the photos below: Please do not use the 18-gallon recycling bins after 7/14. Republic provides a 96 gallon recycling cart (picked up bi-weekly).
extra trash backup_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpg
 New mailbox obstruction_thumb.jpg

  • If you have a damaged container, please call the City of Lakeland at 901-867-2717 to get a replacement. Dirty trash containers are not a reason for replacement and will not be replaced.
  • More information about the trash and recyclables collection, here.

 Our Containers
 95-gallon Trash Container
RS garbage container_thumb.jpg
*Some containers
have a red lid
 95-gallon Yard Waste Container
RS yard waste container_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpg

Please NOTE:
The trash and yard waste bins
can be used interchangeably.
No need to separate household garbage
from yard debris because as of 7/14, it all goes into the same truck at the same time.

96-gallon Recycling Container 
is the blue cart with dark green lid
that says "Recycling"


Recycling is important to the City of Lakeland and the environment as a whole.
It is an essential part of sustaining the cleanliness and livelihood of our community. 

Recycling is provided as a an added service in the sanitation program. 

            Please call 901-867-2717 if you need a recycling cart!

As of 7/14, Lakeland uses a recycling cart vs. an 18-gallon bin. It is picked up every
other week on the same day as your regular trash and yard debris pickup.


What Can I Recycle? (review below or click here)

 Item Specifics   
  • Food or beverage jars and bottles
  • Brown, green, or clear glass
  • PLEASE RINSE: Must be clear of all food/liquid
  • Place in paper bag, if possible
  • Tin cans (rinse & remove label) 
  • Steel cans (rinse & remove label)
  • Tin-plated food and beverage containers
Aluminum or
  • Used aluminum beverage containers
  • TV dinner trays
  • Foil and foil packaging clean of food 
  • Plastics stamped #1-7
    • Including milk jugs, soda bottles, water and juice jugs, detergent and soap bottles (w/caps & labels), frozen food bags and more. Click here for chart.
  • Old newspapers and inserts (dry)
  • Magazines and catalogs
  • Brown paper bags
  • Junk mail and envelopes (be careful with personal information)
  • Office & school paper (including colored paper) 
  • Phone books
  • Shredded paper (in brown paper bags)

  • Small, uncoated boxes; shoes boxes
  • Boxboard: cereal, cake & cracker boxes
  • pizza boxes (no food residue)               
  • Broken down boxes cannot exceed 24''x 24'' in size 

Here is a flyer showing accepted recyclables, at a glance. Please make sure all containers are clear of food and beverage. Place glass in paper bag, if possible.

From the Keep America (& Lakeland) Beautiful Campaigns:

The "I Want To Be Recycled” Campaign website provides updated educational information about how to recycle often and recycle right.  

Recycling is one way to keep litter from ending up roadside or in our streams.

play_button.pngClick here for a PSA message about recycling beyond the kitchen, including personal care products in the bathroom. Here is another 30-second clip...

Keep Lakeland Beautiful webpage, on this site:

What Should I NOT Recycle?

cannot recycle_thumb.jpg


Yard Waste

The City of Lakeland provides yard waste disposal as a part of its 3-N-1 Sanitation Program for its residents and there is also Leaf/Limb Pick-up every Friday (details below).

What Services Are Provided?

A 95-gallon container is provided to put all grass clippings, leaves, small limbs, and branches. A
s of 7/14, you MAY put garbage in the yard waste container and vice versa. They both go into the same truck at the same time.                

Trash and Yard Waste Service is provided Monday through Thursday every week. In addition to the carts, Republic will pick up two small bundled piles or two bags of yard waste (up to 35 pounds each) outside each cart...on your regular trash pickup day. Any limbs or branches placed in the cart must be cut to under 6 feet.

If you have anything more than the combination of two bags or two bundles per cart (up to four of either, total), you can wait until your next trash day or put out the waste for Leaf/Limb Pick-up on Friday. If you have extra-large limbs or excessive waste, see below.

tree.pngExtra-large tree limbs/branches and excessive yard waste
(beyond the two small bundled piles referred to above)

If you have more than two bundles & 2 bags (noted above), or tree limbs or branches that cannot be cut under 6 feet and placed in a cart, please call Republic Services at 901-794-3800 or a private tree service company to get a tree limb removal quote.

fall_leaves.jpgLeaf/Limb Pick-up Every Friday
Unlimited bags (less than 35 lbs.) and small piles of limbs (4 ft. and under, less than 35 lbs.). Republic is handling Leaf Pick-Up every Friday with unlimited bags (less than 35 lbs.) and small piles of limbs, (4 ft. and under, less than 35 lbs.). For more information, call 901-876-2717 ext. 409

Republic will still pick-up yard waste on your regular pick-up day. Either in your regular or yard waste bins as well as two small bundled piles or two bags of yard waste (up to 35 pounds each)
outside each cart.

All contractor and builder waste must be removed by the contractor.

Landfill Vouchers No Longer Available
Lakeland no longer offers Landfill Pass Vouchers, but please contact
the BFI North Shelby County Landfill Facility at 901-872-8244
for information on disposal of residential municipal waste.
7111 Old Millington Road, Memphis, TN
Hours of Operation: M-F, 6am - 4:30pm; Sat, 7am - 12:30pm; Sun, Closed