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Standard Details
If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department, here.

 3x3 Inlet  PDF file
 4470 Grate  PDF file
 4470 Inlet  PDF file
 Curb Inlet – Continuous  PDF file
 Curb Inlet – Sag  PDF file
 Storm Sewer Manhole (greater than 6’)  PDF file
 Storm Sewer Manhole (less than 6’)  PDF file
 Type A Headwall  PDF file
 Type C Headwall  PDF file
 Type D Headwall  PDF file
 Type E Headwall  PDF file
 Valley Gutter  PDF file
 ADA Ramp  PDF file
 ADA Sidewalk  PDF file
 ADA Driveway  PDF file
 ADA Sign  PDF file
 Barricade  PDF file
 Concrete Joints  PDF file
 Control Density Backfill  PDF file
 Curb Section – 630  PDF file
 Curb Section – Drop Back  PDF file
 Curb Section – Median Spill  PDF file
 Typical Pavement Repair – Base  PDF file
 Typical Pavement Repair  PDF file
 Typical Section – Pedestrian Pathway  PDF file
 Typical Section – Private Alley  PDF file
 Typical Section – Residential Driveway  PDF file
 Air Release Manhole  PDF file
 Class B Bedding  PDF file
 Eccentric Plug Valve  PDF file
 Sanitary Sewer Manhole  PDF file
 Sanitary Sewer Service  PDF file
 Erosion Control:  
 Construction Entrance  PDF file
 Construction Fence  PDF file
 Curb Inlet Siltation Control  PDF file
 Dandy Bag  PDF file
 Inlet Siltation Control  PDF file
 Stone Check Dam  PDF file
 Stop Log  PDF file
 Tree Protection – Access Road  PDF file
 Tree Protection – Trenches  PDF file
 Tree Protection Fencing  PDF file
 True Dam Insert  PDF file
 Type C Silt Fence  PDF file