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IH Park Trail Cleanup

                            Cub Scout Pack 455 Cleans Up Trails at I.H. Park


I.H. Park trails get a clean up! On Saturday, April 23rd, 2016, Cub Scout Pack 455 organized a clean-up day at the trails of IH Park.

Cub Scout Pack 455, and Den Leader Dave Kraehmer, walked the yellow trail at IH Park cleaning litter through the entire trail. They picked up bottles, glass, fishing trash and paper. On Saturday April 30th, they cleaned the blue and red trails. The City of Lakeland, including the Parks & Rec Department, thanked Cub Scout Pack 455 for their community service by presenting them with certificates of appreciation for their contribution.

Lakeland appreciates the many volunteers that come together to keep our city clean! For more ways to be involved in “Keeping Lakeland Beautiful,” visit

                            Cub Scout Pack 457 Cleans Up Trails at I.H. Park

Cub Scout Clean Up IH Trails 10.12.15_.jpg 

On Saturday, October 10th, 2015, Cub Scout Pack 457 organized a clean-up day at the trails of I.H. Park.

Scott Paul from Lakeland, one of the leaders, said twelve scouts and three leaders collected several bags of trash, cleared 1.5 miles of trails and took a large step toward earning their Cub Scout World Conservation Award. They are learning to think globally and act locally while respecting their environment.

"The cub scouts are a vital part of our Lakeland Community. They do all sort of contributions for our society," said Jim Atkinson, City Manager. "They mold young men into thriving adults. Myself and the City of Lakeland are honored to have them contribute to our parks system. With all the improvements we're making in our Parks and Recreation Department, having groups like them are what will be the key in making our department one of the best."

The adult leaders for Pack 457 are: Raymond Igharas, David Wade, and Scott Paul.

The Wolf Scouts of Pack 457 (thirteen 2nd Graders) are: Alex Abuelouf, Angelo Arismendi, John Finkelstein, Jaylan Freeman, Ethan Harvey, Jacob Igharas, Alex Igielinski, Max Igielinski, Oliver Leavitt, Ben Lenox, Logan Paul, Sam Strickland, and Clark Wade.

Volunteers included: Reagan Leavitt, Aurelia Igielinski, James Finkelstein, Madeleine Wade, Olivia Abuelouf, and Sophie Lenox.

The Pack is charted to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Cordova and monthly meetings are open to new Cub Scouts and leaders.

For additional information about the Den, contact Tim Sweatt, 901-482-3034.

Lakeland appreciates the many volunteers that work to keep our City clean!

If you'd like to volunteer to cleanup an area of our City, click here.