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Fire & Police Departments
Does Lakeland have its own fire and police departments?

The City of Lakeland contracts with the Shelby County Fire Department for fire services,*** and the Shelby County Sheriff's Office for police services.

Lakeland households and businesses pay monthly fees in their utility bills for these services.

Lakeland_fire_station.jpgShelby County Fire Department
Emergencies: call 911. Non-emergencies: 901-222-8000

The Shelby County Fire Department responds to Lakeland emergencies.

Lakeland's fire station (#1) is located at 9774 Beverle Rivera Drive. The non-emergency phone number is 901-222-8000.

Sheriff_logo.pngPolice Services
Call 9-1-1 to report an emergency situation.

Non-emergencies: 901-379-7625.

Shelby County Sheriff's Substation, 11670 Memphis-Arlington Road, Arlington, TN, 901-867-1402.

The Shelby County Sheriff responds to Lakeland emergencies.

Let's Lower Crime Even Further!

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