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Community Clean Up Days


Twice a year, the City holds Community Clean Up Days. They are usually held the first week of November and the last Saturday in April (location to be announced).

Lakeland residents can take advantage of the opportunity to dispose of hard to get rid of items they have been thinking about throwing away.

Photos by Jim Willis/Lakeland Currents

Clean Up Day Totals
November 3, 2018

Trash -  12,616 lbs.      
Metal – 5,440 lbs.
E-Waste – 2,666 lbs.

April 28, 2018

Domestic – 17,620 lbs.
Yard Waste – 6,360 lbs.
E-Waste – 2,718 lbs.
Metal – 5,560 lbs.

Clean Up Day Totals
November 4, 2017

Trash/Yard Waste – 17,130 lbs.
Metal – 6,660 lbs.
E-Waste – 2,308 lbs.
Tires – 27

Clean Up Day Totals
April 29, 2017

Domestic – 28,820 lbs.
Metal – 4,100 lbs.
E-Waste – 3,053 lbs.
Tires – 44

White Goods:
1 dryer
1 small refrigerator
1 microwave
1 dishwasher
2 wine coolers

= 133 total unloads

Some items donated to Hope Church to be refurbished and given to the needy.

2016 Clean Up Day Totals

November 5, 2016

65 Unloads – Trash & Yard Waste – 14,160 lbs.

29 Unloads – Metal – 3,020 lbs.

28 Unloads – E-Waste – 2,685 lbs.

11 Unloads – Tires – 38

Total Deliveries – 98
Total Unloads - 135

The following items are accepted:

  • Bulky Trash
  • White goods, such as washers and dryers (no refrigerators or A/C units)
  • Tires (limit of 4, no rims)
  • Scrap metals
  • Construction debris (residential only)
  • Small appliances
  • Yard waste
  • E-Wastes, such as televisions, monitors, computers, printers, cell phones, and cell phone batteries

Dumpsters and receptacles will be provided for your discards to be recycled and properly disposed.

We will not be accepting household garbage or these hazardous wastes:

Oils, paints, antifreeze, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, railroad ties, fluorescent bulbs, light bulbs, alkaline batteries, or refrigerants (A/C’s or refrigerators).

These items can be taken to the Memphis and Shelby County Hazardous Waste Facility located at 6305 Haley Road, in Shelby Farms Park. They are open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. Call 901-222-7729 or visit their website.

Due to EPA rules, we cannot accept any appliances with refrigerant in them.

Before disposing any items in the trash:

Please consider donating useable items to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Disabled Veterans or other charitable organizations.

Please note:

You must be a resident of Lakeland to participate. ID is required with each vehicle, such as driver’s license or current MLGW bill. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Encourage your neighbors to participate!

If you have any questions please call 901-867-5409 or 901-867-2717.


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