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Stormwater Events
Waterway Crossing Signs
December 26, 2013
IMG_0324.JPGThe Lakeland Public Works Department has begun to install and replace signs at all named creek crossings within the city limits. This includes the installation of new signs along Rocky Branch in the northern part of the city. Signs are also being installed/replaced along Clear Creek, Oliver Creek, and Scotts Creek. The goal of these signs is to help the public become aware of what waterways are located within the city, where they are, and where stormwater eventually drains to. 

Lakeland Business Expo

August 17, 2013

The Engineering Department participated in the Lakeland Business Expo. A stormwater booth was set up to educate the public about:
  • Stormwater runoff, how it affects our quality of water, and ways they (homeowners) can begin to participate in addressing runoff, such as through implementing pervious concrete on personal property and utilzing rain barrels and rain gardens.
    • A demonstration site for pervious concrete was on display.
    • A rain barrel was on display along with information on installing a rain barrel
    • Information about rain gardens was on display along with how to create a rain garden.
  • Erosion control issues
  • Fecal coliform, the affects, and appropriate ways of disposal
  • Litter control and the Adopt-A-Street Program

The following are pictures of the Stormwater booth at the Business Expo:

Business Expo booth1_thumb_thumb.jpg Business Expo booth2_thumb.jpg

Green Development Grant 2013

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) partnered with the Tennessee Stormwater Association (TNSA), the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to offer a grant program designed to help local governments fund green infrastructure and low-impact development projects.

The City of Lakeland applied for this green development grant in August 2013. The grant proposal included a request for:
  • Three rain gardens at the International Harvester's Managerial Park (I.H. Park)
  • Five community workshops to educate and involve the public
    • Three workshops focus on rain gardens and include participation in installing the rain gardens at I.H. Park
    • Two workshops focus on rain barrels and include participation in creating rain barrels, of which several will be raffled off.

For more information about rain gardens, click here. Rain barrels, here.