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Stormwater Rates
Why Am I Charged Stormwater Fees?

Stormwater plays a significant role in the overall health of the community and environment. Lakeland is known for its commitment to preserving the surrounding environment and promoting the health of its residents. This includes educating the public, ensuring that the storm sewer system and pipes are in working condition and inspected annually, the ditches are maintained, the water is sampled regularly,
and the culverts are cleaned out.

Capital improvements to Lakeland are another way of addressing stormwater issues. A few previous
capital improvements have included:

1. New bridge on Stewart Road
2. New headwall culverts on Salem Road and Maple Forest Drive
3. Fletcher Creek headwall at Fletcher Trace. See pictures of the headwall here.
These activities are a part of the Stormwater Management Program and are performed to reduce pollution in our groundwater, which eventually ends up as our drinking water. The stormwater fees go towards supporting this program and its activities. To get more detailed information about the stormwater capital improvements, please click here.

How Much Are My Stormwater Fees?

Type  Fees
                Residential                 $3.20 a month - Fees are charged through MLGW bill.
Commercial Proportionally increased based upon impervious area of the property.