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Just for Seniors 55+
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Visit the Lakeland Senior Center and join in the fun!
The City of Lakeland welcomes all area seniors 55+ to the Lakeland Senior Center, located on the picturesque grounds of I.H. Managerial Park. Our goal is to meet the social, recreational, and educational needs of senior residents in our community in an environment that is fun, safe, inclusive, and courteous for all.

The Lakeland Senior Center staff and volunteers are dedicated to enriching the lives of mature adults throughout the community. The facility is a gathering place where friends can enjoy camaraderie over a game or a number of other programs, seminars, and special events.

Welcome-clip-art.jpgThe Lakeland Senior Center is open five days a week: Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and during other scheduled times.

The Senior Center Manager,
Kim Odom, can be reached at 901-746-8195. If no answer, call City Hall 901-867-2717 and ask for Kim.

Seniors are welcome to stop by to participate in scheduled programs or to simply look around and explore the facility. Click here for a virtual tour!

Want to know what's going on at the Center?

Contact us (info above) to be added to our mailing list for our monthly calendar. Some of our weekly activities such as games, here....and, some special events including classes and performances, here.

Getaways/trips are here (when available).
Scroll down the page for Fitness opportunities.

11.13.14_Trudys_Birthday.jpgThe Parks & Recreation Department appreciates your support and feedback, as we work to build a vibrant and exciting Senior Center.
Would you like to be on the email and mailing lists, to receive
the monthly calendar or information on the quarterly luncheons/dinners? Call the Senior Center at 901-746-8195 or City Hall at 901-867-2717.

Friends celebrated Trudy Scholten's birthday, Thursday, Nov. 13th, 2014, at the Lakeland Senior Center during Canasta (now on hiatus).

Stay connected!
(in addition to the email and mailing lists)
Tell your friends to visit! For general city information, save these links: and

Property Tax Information for Seniors

Click here for property tax break information for seniors.

Senior talent needed!

Do you have computer training, musical or other talents? The Lakeland Senior Center wants to hear from you! To volunteer host an instructional class, program, or special event…or to volunteer at the Senior Center as a greeter, please call the LSC at 901-746-8195 or City Hall at 901-867-2717.

youre_invited.jpgSpecial thanks to our Friends of the Lakeland Senior Center (FOLSC)!
Would you like to help out at the Senior Center, the quarterly luncheons/dinners, or for Senior Special Events? Maybe you'd like to bring cookies or help with decorating. You have the option to volunteer once or on an occasional basis. Whatever works for you! If interested in joining the Friends of the Lakeland Senior Center (FOLSC), please call 901-746-8195 or 901-867-2717. We appreciate your support of the LSC!4.3.15_Easter_bags_Rainbow_Rehab.jpg

FOLSC Gives Back!

Friends of the Lakeland Senior Center delivered 108 Easter gift bags filled with goodies, to residents of the Rainbow Rehab in Bartlett, Friday, April 3rd, 2015. Thanks to everyone who donated items or money, time filling and tying up goody bags, and delivering them to the residents/patients of Rainbow Rehab. They were so appreciative of the bags and enjoyed us visiting with them. Again, THANK YOU!  

senior_library.jpgSenior Center address, phone number, email, etc:

4527 Canada Road (next to I.H. Clubhouse), Lakeland, TN 38002. Phone: 901-746-8195 or City Hall 901-867-2717.

Open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. as well as during other scheduled times.

defibrillator.pngIn event of heart attack or any medical emergency while at the Senior Center, call 911 immediately. After an ambulance is on its way, 911 may give instructions on CPR. There is an Automatic External Defibrillator in the Senior Center as well as at City Hall (867-2717).

For more information on the Senior Center facility guidelines and procedures, please refer to the Lakeland Senior Center Policy. Code of Conduct policy, here. To request the use of the Senior Center facility for a class, program, or other activity, please submit a facility use form to City Hall.

JeanneHamilton_piano_donation.jpgHistory, etc.
Constructed in 2011 (ribbon-cutting on 5/23/12), the Lakeland Senior Center includes 1700 sq. ft. of heated area and almost half the cost was funded by the federal government. Whether it’s an exercise class, a dance, seminars or concerts, each of these activities helps enrich your life with new meaning and interest.

Donated Piano...
Special thanks to Jeanne Hamilton for her generosity in donating her piano to the Senior Center after the Dessert Mystery Theatre production on Nov. 7th, 2014.

Doug_Pilant_piano_tuner.jpgPiano Tuning...
Special thanks to Doug Pilant's Piano Moving and Tuning. Doug tuned the LSC piano on Dec. 23rd, 2014 (paid for by an anonymous donor) and it is sounding so beautiful. Doug is a local young man who is well known for his musical talents. He has a degree in music from the University of Memphis, been a music director for a couple local churches, and has sung in different groups, bands and quartets throughout his life. We appreciate Mr. Pilant and his talents so very much. Be sure to give him a call at 901-388-6555 for tuning or any type of moving your piano.

CD Player and Music…
Special thanks to Rosemary Crawford who generously donated a six-disc CD player, seven CDs, and a monetary donation to the Lakeland Senior Center. donated_carpet_3.15.jpg

Thanks to Tim Hogan’s Carpet & Flooring, the Lakeland Senior Center has a brand new bound area rug. The rug made LSC its home - thanks in part to lead salesman, George Schwinn, and Lakeland resident, Alison Ely. Friends and guests of the LSC are delighted to have the warmth and comfort of the rug in the activity area of the Center. Call George at 901-207-8397 or visit the showroom at 9859 Huff N Puff Rd for all your flooring needs.

Patio Tables, Crepe Myrtles...and more!
Stephanie Lefler (Lefler Financial) donated two patio tables just in time for our April 2015 Picnic on the Patio event. Mark Louderback (Edward Jones Financial Advisor) donated two crepe myrtles for our 2015 Arbor Day Tree Planting event.

For the full story on the Arbor Day event, visit the Senior Special Events page (4/24/15 event).

Both Stephanie & Mark donate a lot to theGordan_Jean_Jones_11_12.png LSC including sponsoring some of our quarterly luncheons/dinners and providing food at their seminars. Also, Mark acted in the Nov. 2014 Dessert Mystery Theatre and Stephanie often calls Bingo and provides prizes!

Donated American Flags...

Special thanks to Gordon and Jean Jones who donated the
American flag inside the Lakeland Senior Center.   

We appreciate all those who have given to the LSC, past and present (including the Lakeland Lions Club), which includes time and talents!

For the latest offerings at the Lakeland Senior Center, sign-up to be on the email blast list. Also, see this page and Facebook!

Previous classes or events: 
...more info here. See some of latest photos on Facebook!

Going Green Luncheon 3.9.18_collage.jpgGoing Green Luncheon
Photos by Kim Odom, Senior Center Manager

Bartlett Choral and Drama Club brought some New York City scenery to the annual Seniors 55+ Going Green Dinner, Friday, March 9, during their Broadway presentation.

 The 16-member Bartlett Choral and Drama Club had attendees at IH Clubhouse tapping toes and clapping hands in no time with hits including, “Everybody Loves My Baby,” “Getting to Know You,” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing.”

Approximately 90 attendees enjoyed a catered menu of roast beef with gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, fresh garden salad, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Trustmark Bank sponsor, Christy Fitzwater, made an appearance. Also attending were sponsors, Jimmy and Amy Wilkins, with Pop-A-Lock, who donated the big prizes of the evening.

Student volunteers were on hand to fill drink glasses and clear plates throughout the evening.

“It was a great evening celebration of St. Patty’s Day and the arrival of spring,” said Kim Odom, Lakeland Senior Center manager. “The entertainment by the Bartlett Choral and Drama Club, was icing on the cake. Every time they are here, it’s a real treat.”

Lakeland_Seniors55_Valentines_2018_collage..jpgValentine's Luncheon 2018
By Kim Odom, Lakeland Senior Center Manager

The rain couldn’t keep cupid away from the Lakeland Senior Center for today’s annual Valentine’s Day Luncheon to celebrate love and friendship. Guests, combined of couples and friends, were showered with a catered feast from Tellini’s and entertainment provided by vocalist and keyboardist, Charles Norman.

Additional fun included Valentine’s Day Bingo and TV Couples Trivia. Winners of Bingo took home a box of chocolates. Three Trivia winners, who knew their TV couples, each took home a $10 Chili’s restaurant gift card.

“This holiday goes hand and hand with my motto regarding Lakeland Senior Center. I feel like the senior center plays cupid all year by bonding friendships and couples,” said Kim Odom, senior center manager. “Senior centers are a gathering place for friends, and it’s easy to make friends here.”

Nearby Fitness:

The Arlington Senior Center has low-impact exercise. Call 901-867-7698, for details.
The Bartlett Senior Center has some activities such as Yoga & Tai Chi. Call 901-385-6439, for details.

zumba_gold_logo.pngZumba Gold

Tuesday 8:30 a.m. & 5:30 p.m.
Thursday 8:30 a.m.
St. Philips Episcopal Church


Women's Tennis
When running...Contact Parks & Recreation for info.

...and don't forget about Getaways/trips

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