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Just for Seniors 55+
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Visit the Lakeland Senior Center and join in the fun!
The City of Lakeland welcomes all area seniors 55+ to the Lakeland Senior Center, located on the picturesque grounds of I.H. Managerial Park. Our goal is to meet the social, recreational, and educational needs of senior residents in our community in an environment that is fun, safe, inclusive, and courteous for all.

The Lakeland Senior Center staff and volunteers are dedicated to enriching the lives of mature adults throughout the community. The facility is a gathering place where friends can enjoy camaraderie over a game or a number of other programs, seminars, and special events.

Welcome-clip-art.jpgThe Senior Center is open five days a week: Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and during other scheduled times. The Lakeland Senior Center Manager, Kim Odom, can be reached at 901-746-8195. If no answer, call City Hall 901-867-2717, ext. 206.

Seniors are welcome to stop by to participate in scheduled programs or to simply look around and explore the facility. Click here for a virtual tour!

Want to know what's going on at the Center?

Contact us (info above) to be added to our mailing list for our monthly calendar. Some of our weekly activities such as games, here....and, some special events including classes and performances, here. Getaways/trips are here (when available). Scroll down the page for Fitness opportunities.

11.13.14_Trudys_Birthday.jpgThe Parks & Recreation Department appreciates your support and feedback, as we work to build a vibrant and exciting Senior Center.
Would you like to be on the email and mailing lists, to receive
the monthly calendar or information on the quarterly luncheons/dinners? Call the Senior Center at 901-746-8195 or City Hall at 901-867-2717.

Friends celebrated Trudy Scholten's birthday, Thursday, Nov. 13th, 2014, at the Lakeland Senior Center during Canasta (now on hiatus).

Stay connected!
(in addition to the email and mailing lists)
Tell your friends to visit! For general city information, save these links: and

Property Tax Information for Seniors

Click here for property tax break information for seniors.

Senior talent needed!

Do you have computer training, musical or other talents? The Lakeland Senior Center wants to hear from you! To volunteer host an instructional class, program, or special event…or to volunteer at the Senior Center as a greeter, please call the LSC at 901-746-8195 or City Hall at 901-867-2717.

youre_invited.jpgSpecial thanks to our Friends of the Lakeland Senior Center (FOLSC)!
Would you like to help out at the Senior Center, the quarterly luncheons/dinners, or for Senior Special Events? Maybe you'd like to bring cookies or help with decorating. You have the option to volunteer once or on an occasional basis. Whatever works for you! If interested in joining the Friends of the Lakeland Senior Center (FOLSC), please call 901-746-8195 or 901-867-2717. We appreciate your support of the LSC!4.3.15_Easter_bags_Rainbow_Rehab.jpg

FOLSC Gives Back!

Friends of the Lakeland Senior Center delivered 108 Easter gift bags filled with goodies, to residents of the Rainbow Rehab in Bartlett, Friday, April 3rd, 2015. Thanks to everyone who donated items or money, time filling and tying up goody bags, and delivering them to the residents/patients of Rainbow Rehab. They were so appreciative of the bags and enjoyed us visiting with them. Again, THANK YOU!  

senior_library.jpgSenior Center address, phone number, email, etc:

4527 Canada Road (next to I.H. Clubhouse), Lakeland, TN 38002. Phone: 901-746-8195 or City Hall 901-867-2717.

Open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. as well as during other scheduled times.

defibrillator.pngIn event of heart attack or any medical emergency while at the Senior Center, call 911 immediately. After an ambulance is on its way, 911 may give instructions on CPR. There is an Automatic External Defibrillator in the Senior Center as well as at City Hall (867-2717).

For more information on the Senior Center facility guidelines and procedures, please refer to the Lakeland Senior Center Policy. Code of Conduct policy, here. To request the use of the Senior Center facility for a class, program, or other activity, please submit a facility use form to City Hall.

JeanneHamilton_piano_donation.jpgHistory, etc.
Constructed in 2011 (ribbon-cutting on 5/23/12), the Lakeland Senior Center includes 1700 sq. ft. of heated area and almost half the cost was funded by the federal government. Whether it’s an exercise class, a dance, seminars or concerts, each of these activities helps enrich your life with new meaning and interest.

Donated Piano...
Special thanks to Jeanne Hamilton for her generosity in donating her piano to the Senior Center after the Dessert Mystery Theatre production on Nov. 7th, 2014.

Doug_Pilant_piano_tuner.jpgPiano Tuning...
Special thanks to Doug Pilant's Piano Moving and Tuning. Doug tuned the LSC piano on Dec. 23rd, 2014 (paid for by an anonymous donor) and it is sounding so beautiful. Doug is a local young man who is well known for his musical talents. He has a degree in music from the University of Memphis, been a music director for a couple local churches, and has sung in different groups, bands and quartets throughout his life. We appreciate Mr. Pilant and his talents so very much. Be sure to give him a call at 901-388-6555 for tuning or any type of moving your piano.

CD Player and Music…
Special thanks to Rosemary Crawford who generously donated a six-disc CD player, seven CDs, and a monetary donation to the Lakeland Senior Center. donated_carpet_3.15.jpg

Thanks to Tim Hogan’s Carpet & Flooring, the Lakeland Senior Center has a brand new bound area rug. The rug made LSC its home - thanks in part to lead salesman, George Schwinn, and Lakeland resident, Alison Ely. Friends and guests of the LSC are delighted to have the warmth and comfort of the rug in the activity area of the Center. Call George at 901-207-8397 or visit the showroom at 9859 Huff N Puff Rd for all your flooring needs.

Patio Tables, Crepe Myrtles...and more!
Stephanie Lefler (Lefler Financial) donated two patio tables just in time for our April 2015 Picnic on the Patio event. Mark Louderback (Edward Jones Financial Advisor) donated two crepe myrtles for our 2015 Arbor Day Tree Planting event.

For the full story on the Arbor Day event, visit the Senior Special Events page (4/24/15 event).

Both Stephanie & Mark donate a lot to theGordan_Jean_Jones_11_12.png LSC including sponsoring some of our quarterly luncheons/dinners and providing food at their seminars. Also, Mark acted in the Nov. 2014 Dessert Mystery Theatre and Stephanie often calls Bingo and provides prizes!

Donated American Flags...

Special thanks to Gordon and Jean Jones who donated the
American flag inside the Lakeland Senior Center.   

We appreciate all those who have given to the LSC, past and present (including the Lakeland Lions Club), which includes time and talents!

Previous classes or events: 
...more info here. See some of latest photos on Facebook!

Seniors 55+ Christmas Dinner
By Kim Odom, Lakeland Senior Center Manager

Sr_Xmas_Dinner_collage_12.1.17.jpgA holly, jolly, good-time, was had by approximately 70 attendees dressed in holiday style for the annual Seniors 55+ Christmas Dinner, Friday, Dec. 1, at I.H. Clubhouse. The evening featured a Pink Flamingo catered menu of roasted turkey, cornbread dressing, green bean and sweet potato casseroles, sourdough rolls, and fresh pecan pie.

Keyboardist and vocalist, Charles Norman, entertained the crowd, bringing them to their feet and out on the dance floor throughout the night. Norman played a variety of music, from oldies but goodies to country and blues, along with a few Christmas tunes for the occasion. Lakeland resident and recording artist, Berta Payne, joined Norman in a blues performance.

Arlington High School students, Alyssa Stephens, Jerry Jenkins, Genna Tuznik, and Caitlin Evans, pampered the seniors, making sure every glass stayed full during the event, and mingled with the crowd. The National Honor Society students took part in the fun by hopping out on the dance floor to a few tunes.  

In the midst of all the fun – Santa showed up – just in time to give away lots of prizes donated by local businesses and organizations of the mid-south, including Memphis Botanic Garden, Shelby Farms Conservancy, AutoZone, Gateway Tire & Service Center, Alma Bella Salon, Safety Nails, Victory Lane BBQ, Lakeland Lion’s Club, and more. The event sponsor was Lefler Financial. Stephanie Lefler and family were honorary guests of the evening.

Steve Pitcock said of the dinner he and wife, Sue, attended, “Although we didn’t win one of the many great prizes, it was a wonderful dinner. The food and entertainment was spectacular, and we made a few friends. It certainly got us into the spirit of Christmas.”

Left top: Pat and Bob Hudson were among attendees of the annual Seniors 55+ Christmas Dinner, Friday, Dec. 1, at I.H. Clubhouse, pampered by Arlington High School students, like Caitlin Evans, as they enjoyed a festival night out featuring a catered meal, entertainment, and prizes.

Middle top: Trudy Scholten, Betty Davis, and Linda Doyle, chatted it up with Santa, as he made the rounds to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Right top: Ron Brandon with wife, Sue, was greeted by Santa with gentleman’s handshake.

Bottom left: Dotty and James Marshall took advantage of the great entertainment provided by vocalist Charles Norman on keyboard.

Bottom middle: Old Santa found himself a dance partner (wife, Pat Golden) during the evening’s event.

Bottom right: Santa got a helping hand from elves, Alyssa Stephens and Caitlin Evans, Arlington High School National Honor Society students volunteering during the Seniors 55+ Christmas Dinner, Friday, Dec. 1, at I.H. Clubhouse. 

Sprouts Partners with the Lakeland Senior Center to Honor Good Health

By Kim Odom, Lakeland Senior Center Manager

Heart_Health_seminar_1.19.17.jpgMore than a dozen seniors went to market, Thursday, Jan. 19, filling up shopping bags with fresh fruits and vegetables at the Lakeland Senior Center. The shopping bags were gifts to those attending the Heart Health seminar courtesy of Sprouts Farmers Market. The shopping bags were already filled with all kinds of heart health brochures and magazines, as well as, a variety of vitamin and supplement samples before seniors were presented an opportunity to shop for fruits and vegetables at the market stand set up by Sprouts at LSC.

Sprouts partnered up with the Lakeland Senior Center to honor good health by visiting the senior center to present good health tips for a healthy lifestyle. The topic was vitamins, supplements and the importance of getting daily nutritional needs.

David Tillman, assistant vitamin manager for Sprouts, talked to seniors about the importance of vitamins and introduced a variety of supplements to the group. Tillman shared many reasons why vitamins are vital to good heart health. He encouraged seniors to exercise, eat plenty of green vegetables, take a multiple vitamin every day, as well as fish oil for Omega 3. For those who have trouble tolerating vitamins, he suggested making a fresh smoothie each day, adding in vitamins and supplements to it. “Get your daily nutritional needs in one glass,” said Tillman. “And, it tastes good too.”

Tillman interacted with seniors by addressing questions from those attending the seminar. Johanna McArthur, said, “I am 67. Is it too late to start taking vitamins now?” Tillman responded, “Absolutely not. It’s never too late to start taking vitamins. If you have a need for it, your body will absorb it and rid what it doesn’t need.”

A variety of health programs have been added to the senior center’s calendar, honoring American Heart Month in February.

ChiliCookoffLSC_10.18.16.JPGJust for Fun Chili Cook Off - Full of Flavor
By Kim Odom, Lakeland Senior Center Manager

Chili was on at the first “Just for Fun! Chili Cook Off,” Oct. 18, hosted at the Lakeland Senior Center -- and so was the competition as participants threw together their chili recipes for the judged contest. Some of the recipes were longtime family recipes, while others were created solely by these participating amateur chefs.

Cleansing their palates in between tasting each chili recipe and serving as judges were Kevin Rooney (then recreation program director), Tom Skehan, planning director, and Mark Louderback, financial consultant with Edward Jones.

Judges tasted of a variety of chili recipes that woke up their palates. Among those special recipes was Grace McKenzie’s family recipe named “Deer Grace Chili,” cooked with venison. Judges also tested their taste buds with some savory elk chili made by Trudy Scholtzen. Other chili recipes were Bean Fantastic chili by Gerry Burditt, and Muy Bueno chili by Mitzi Pilcher.

Good to the very last bite, judges scored a tight contest. “It was really close,” said Mr. Rooney. “All of them were delicious.”

In the end it was Jack Otto’s chili, "Black Jack Chili," that made the judges palates dance. Mr. Otto took home the champion apron. The champ wore the apron with pride, stating, “I’ll treasure it forever.” Runners up were Mitzi Pilcher, Gerry Burditt, Grace McKenzie, and Trudy Scholtzen. Each received an engraved contest runner-up wooded spoon.

After the judged contest, participants and friends all sit down to feast on chili and all fixings. The event was held in honor of National Chili Month.

Kim Odom is the Lakeland Senior Center Manager.
Lakeland Senior Center webpage:

Photo caption: The competition was on during the first .“Just for Fun! Chili Cook Off,” Oct. 18, hosted at the Lakeland Senior Center. Winners were Mitzi Pilcher (left), Jack Otto (Champion), Gerry Burditt, Grace McKenzie.

8.12.16_Elvis_event.jpgElvis Music & Pizza Party

Things got all shook up as approximately 30 guests gathered for a Pizza Party & Elvis Music honoring Elvis Week, Friday, Aug. 12th, 2016, at the Lakeland Senior Center. Guests of the event shared their Elvis stories with friends and some brought Elvis memorabilia from their personal collection.

The real fun began when Elvis (Mark Louderback, a friend of the LSC) surprised his fans as he made an entrance wearing the famous peacock jumpsuit featured on the cover of his 1975 album ‘Promised Land.’ The King mingled through the crowded room then performed “Blue Suede Shoes,” and “Love Me Tender,” as Trudy Scholten played the tunes on piano.

After lunch, Elvis emceed an exciting game of Trivia to see just how well the group knew Elvis’ history. A tie broke out between female Elvis fans, Alison Ely and Linda Doyle. Both took home gift cards for showing up fellow participants. Elvis, in all his bling, gave a final wave to his fans and said his signature, “Thank you, thank you very much,” as he left the building.

By Kim Odom, Lakeland Senior Center Manager


Silver_Sneakers.jpgSilver Sneakers (Exercise & Strength-building)
By YMCA-Millington
IH Clubhouse, 4523 Canada Road
Tuesdays & Thursdays, from 10 - 11 a.m.
Ongoing enrollment: bring your insurance card (or $4 per class;
first class is FREE)

Silver Sneakers is a fun, energizing program that helps mature adults take control of their health by encouraging physical activity and offering social events. Come out to the Muscular Strength & Range of Movement Classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Silver Sneakers website here.

zumba_gold_logo.pngZumba Gold

Tuesday 8:30 a.m. & 5:30 p.m.
Thursday 8:30 a.m.
St. Philips Episcopal Church

The Arlington Senior Center has low-impact exercise. Call 901-867-7698, for details.
The Bartlett Senior Center has some activities such as Yoga & Tai Chi. Call 901-385-6439, for details.


Women's Tennis
When running, information will be here.

...and don't forget about Getaways/trips

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