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Major Road Projects
Huff and Puff Roadway Improvements
The Huff n Puff Roadway Improvement project consists of resurfacing/reconstruction of the existing asphalt pavement from Canada Road to approximately 1800 lineal feet to the east. The current roadway serves as a major collector to Seed Tick Road which connects to several major subdivisions and a large elementary school. The roadway has varying pavement widths and poor drainage. 

The new roadway will be built in 2013 and 2014. The new roadway will have:
  • A pavement width of 32 feet;
  • Improved drainage; and
  • New curb and gutter will be installed where necessary.

The existing pavement will be:
  • Tilled up;
  • Prepped with new materials; and
  • Reconditioned and re-laid to provide a new drivable asphalt surface.

The new roadway will have access to Beverle Rivera Drive near Canada Road. Huff n Puff Road will be closed off on the east and west end of the existing street. A map of the street layout can be found here.
 construction main2.jpg

Project cost is estimated to be nearly $500,000 of which the City of Lakeland is responsible for twenty percent of the project cost. The remaining balance is a grant budgeted through the Memphis Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Funding is obligated through the Federal Highway Administration which channels the monies through the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

Beverle Rivera Drive Extension
The extension of Beverle Rivera to Seed Tick has been planned for over a decade. The new roadway will take the place of traffic traveling down Huff n Puff Road which is too narrow and is functionally inadequate.

The new Beverle Rivera will be a new four lane roadway from its present termination at Windward Slopes Park to Seed Tick Road. Although the roadway will accommodate four lanes, only the two inside lanes will be constructed. Future development will pay for the two outside driving lanes.

When the roadway is built out it will include:
  • Four lanes and a new bike and pedestrian trail along the north side of the corridor. 
  • Twelve foot wide driving lanes instead of the ten foot driving lanes currently on Huff n Puff. 
  • Wide shoulder will also be placed on the roadway for emergency stoppage. 

The new roadway will be built in 2013 and 2014. The new roadway will terminate at the intersection of Huff n Puff and Seed Tick Road. The existing Huff n Puff Roadway will be removed and the grounds restored back to their historical elevations. A map of the new street layout can be found here.

Project costs are estimated to be nearly $1,200,000 which is secured with a loan from the Tennessee Local Development Authority.
 seed tick road_thumb.jpg

New Canada Road Project
New Canada Road has been planned for the City since the early 1990's and funds for the right of way acquisition and utility relocation were recently approved in the Memphis Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

The roadway is a realignment of the existing Canada Road between Interstate 40 and Highway 70. The new roadway will be:
  • A four lane divided street featuring landscaped islands and separated bike and pedestrian trails on both sides of the roadway.
  • Approximately 2.3 miles in length. The layout of the new roadway can be found here (Layout 1 and Layout 2).

The cost of the project will be split between local and federal funds. Local funds, which must be obligated by the City, amount to 20% of the project costs. The remaining balance is funded through the Federal Highway Administration of which the Tennessee Department of Transportation is the prime agency for disbursement of funding.
 newcanadaroad map.jpg

The anticipated project cost for New Canada Road is nearly $12,000,000. The project has an approved environmental clearance document and is currently under preliminary design.

Construction funding must be approved through the MPO and obligated by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). Construction is scheduled for 2018.

Utility Construction

The City will begin relocation of existing utilities sometime in summer of 2017. This includes relocation of gas lines, overhead power lines, water lines, cable, and telephones.

Canada Road/I-40 Interchange

For information on this project, which broke ground in July 2014, click here.