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Streets and Stormwater Projects
Calendar Year 2013 Street Projects
Street Project
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Fiscal Year 2013 Street Improvements

June 2013

Street Improvements include roadway repairs on:
  • Canada Road at Owl Hill Drive
  • Davies Plantation Road south of the I-40 Bridge
  • Kingsridge Drive
The roadway failures in these areas are too large for City crews to manage and are being contracted to Gibson Paving.
FY13 Street Stormsewer Improv_thumb.jpg
Stewart Road Bridge Repair

June 2013

  • The decking on the bridge located on Stewart Road at Rocky Branch Creek was showing signs of deterioration. 
  • Full deck replacement began June 3, 2013 and is estimated to be completed June 28, 2013.
Stewart Rd Bridge_thumb.jpg
Palomino Road Rehabilitation

May 2013

  • Palomino Road was selected to be used as a demonstration site for a product, Liquid Road, the City is considering using for pavement rehabilitation.
  • Liquid Road is a bituminous surface treatment which is applied by squeegee to the roadway. It is estimated that the treatment will extend the life of the pavement 7+ years.
Palomino Improvements_thumb.jpg
Fiscal Year 2013 Crack Sealing

April 2013

  • Crack sealing is a pavement preservation technique which seals the cracks in the roadway to keep water from deteriorating the roadway base.
  • Fairway Meadows Subdivision and Palomino Road are the areas where crack sealing was performed this fiscal year.
  • Crack sealing will be an annual project where locations are determined from areas with increasing street patching.
Fiscal Year 2013 Pavement Marking

March 2013
Pavement marking is an annual project for reapplying striping to the roadways. This project included repainting centerlines and stop bars on:
  • Stewart Road from Brunswick to Pleasant Ridge Road, and
  • Salem Road from Brunswick Road to Pleasant Ridge Road.
The approximate distance is 5 1/2 miles.

Calendar 2013 Stormwater Improvement Projects
 Stormwater Project
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Fiscal Year 2014 Sanitary and Storm Sewer Improvements

August 2013

Sanitary Sewer Improvements include making point repairs to the sewer line on Green Spruce Bend in Lakeland Estates Subdivision.
  • A point repair consists of making repairs to the damaged sewer pipe that are usually less than a pipe length, which is typically twenty feet.
  • Estimated construction cost is less than $20,000.

Storm Sewer Improvements include:
  • The addition of two off-street inlets to the storm sewer system in Veranda Woods Subdivision. The estimated construction cost is less than $10,000.
  • The installation of an inlet/sump at the dead end of New Canada Road in Woodbridge Subdivision. The estimated construction cost is less than $10,000.
Lakeland Estates 
Lakeland Estates Sewer_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpg Lakeland Estates 2_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpg
Veranda Woods
Veranda woods_thumb.jpg
New Canada Road
New canada road 2_thumb.jpg
Miscellaneous Drainage Repair

June 2013
  • Typically Lakeland conducts two to three small scale repairs/improvements to existing storm sewer structures. 
  • Headwalls at Salem Road and Maple Forest Drive were severely eroding causing structure to begin to fail. Wingwalls were added to both structures as well as outfall protection.
Misc Drainage Improvements_thumb.jpg
Fiscal Year 2013 Street and Storm Sewer Improvements

March 2013

Natural springs on Hadley Drive and Bluebird Hill Cove in Plantation Hills Subdivision Phase A were several deteriorating the roadway. Underdrains were installed under the roadway to capture the excess water and discharge it into the storm sewer system.