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IH Clubhouse
International Harvester Managerial Clubhouse

Looking for affordable, high-quality rental space in Lakeland, TN? Look no further!

The International Harvester Managerial Clubhouse (I.H. Clubhouse), located at 4523 Canada Road in Lakeland, is nestled in the picturesque setting of 65-acre I.H. Park, which includes "The LAMP" Amphitheater!

IH Clubhouse_outside.jpgIH Clubhouse_inside.jpg
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This facility serves the City of Lakeland through its diverse uses for recreational classes, programs, public meetings and private events.

The Clubhouse is also available, by reservation, for private parties and functions. It's perfect for retreats, conferences, business meetings, parties, weddings, or any other gathering.

I.H. Clubhouse Features & Amenities:event_stage_concert.jpg

The Clubhouse features a large room with a dance floor and a second smaller room setup for classes (14 table/6 chair set-up). Additional tables/chairs available upon request.

The facility also includes a bar/server island, a kitchen with microwave oven, food warmer, refrigerator, ice machine, and a beverage cooler.

The facility can accommodate up to 160 people, includes free Wi-Fi, and has a large patio with a view of the I.H. Park Lake and "The LAMP" Amphitheater.                    "The LAMP" Amphitheater

Rental Fees, Agreement and Information:

Rental fees (updated 8/14)
...this document includes information on private, non-profit, and training/instructional rental rates.

I.H. Clubhouse Rental Agreement
Tenant User Liability Insurance
Tenant User Liability: How-to Guide 

For More Information:

Please contact Lakeland City Hall at 901-867-2717 to schedule a viewing, make a reservation, or to verify rental rates.

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