Athletic Complex and Recreation Park

Exciting News from the Lakeland Parks & Recreation Department

Lakeland is working towards an athletic and community park...details posted when available!

Proceeds from sale of a City-owned house will be used to develop a city park and athletic fields on City-owned property at Memphis Arlington Road and Canada Road.

History of the Project:
2004 - City of Lakeland Purchased the site at 9661 Memphis Arlington Rd
2018 (October) - The City of Lakeland is awarded a grant from the State of Tennessee’s Department of Environment and Conservation’s Local Parks and Recreation Fund Grant’s program in the amount of $500,000.
2018 (December) - An environmental survey of the property revealed significant and widespread wetlands on the property.
2019 - Phase 1 site plan was re-designed in consideration of the wetlands.
2019 (December) - Phase 1 site plan was presented to the Parks and Recreation/Natural Resources Board.
2020 (May) - Phase 1 site plan was approved by the Board of Commissioners
2021 (May) - Construction of the project was awarded to Grinder, Taber, Grinder for development and construction of Phase 1.

September 9, 2021 - The Board of Commissioners approved the Master Plan for the Lakeland Athletic Complex and Recreation Park

Phase 1 construction is completing now and programs will begin using the complex in Spring 2022.

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